Services: Community Profile & Website Development Proposal

Download PDFSgwe Productions is an aboriginal video production company that specializes in First Nation video documentaries. Owned and operated by Robin L. Alexis an Alexis Nakota Sioux Member, Rob understands many of the obstacles our communities face in the 'communication' area which is why he would like to introduce the advantages of using media technology to provide your audience (community members) with visual aids to help them understand specific band areas of interest.

Why Do I Need Visual Aids/A Website?

Community Members

  • Community members understand programs and services better.
  • People get better direction on who to talk to about specific questions/concerns.
  • Clearer picture of the overall community progress.
  • Instills pride within the youth, overall appreciation of their history.
  • Retains the history of our culture, ability to archive and library for future generations.


  • Use as a marketing tool for business associates/partnerships.
  • Promote community wellness.
  • Convey resourceful bulletins/messages to members via internet.

Need A Short Promo?

Call Rob @ 780 231-SGWE or email