Logan Alexis Singers

There are approximately 15 - 20 members that make up the group, all of which contribute their heart and soul into their songs. Each a unique style and exceptional talent that draws a big audience everywhere they go. This family of singers have dedicated their last four albums intribute to the greatest man they have ever known, Logan Alexis. The following is an individual personal profile on singers of the group.

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The Logan Alexis Singers is a round dance group made up of family members and protégés of the late Logan Alexis beloved husband, father, grandfather, mentor and respected elder of the community of the Alexis First Nation. From the time most of them were small; Logan would write songs to sing with the hand drum to entertain his family. As years went by, one by one the boys picked up the drum and joined in when their father would sing.

The first to follow in his fathers footsteps was Arnold Alexis whose loyalty and respect for the drum is where he draws a lot of his strength. After many practices they began to sing with Logan at round dances at the same time learning different styles and techniques of singing from other hand drum artists. And so the birth of a future generation of cultural artists was born. When they were confident enough Logan's group recorded their first album self titled 'Logan Alexis Singers'. To pay tribute to their teacher and mentor these young men carry on with pride using his name in remembrance of a great man.

Their ambition for singing grew stronger and stronger as each year passed. Their love and passion to create music together became so satisfying that it has brought much happiness to each of their lives. Since then they have recorded four additional round dance albums. After many years of hard work and commitment they were nominated at the 2001 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards held in Toronto on November 23, 2001. Much to their surprise they won and brought home the award for 'Best Traditional Album – Historical' entitled 'Round dance time'.